Community-owned, baseload renewable electricity for remote locations and surrounding businesses


About the Company


Mitigokaa is a Canadian electricity generation developer specializing in the delivery of baseload, must run power, using biomass fuel sources in remote off-grid communities. Mitigokaa, (pronounced
“Ti-go-ka”), was initially conceived in 2016 to deliver a complete sustainable and renewable energy solution for communities currently entirely reliant on diesel fuel generation.



Mitigokaa's approach is to have fulsome discussions with interested First Nations communities across Canada. When aligned, Mitigokaa looks to engage in joint ventures where they provide their First Nations partner with development funding, secure the permits, arrange the permanent financing and manage the operations plans to ensure projects as contemplated become a reality. When completed, First Nations Communities will own and operate these legacy businesses 100% for themselves. 

News and Events


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As part of Biomass North Forum 2018, our 3rd annual Awards Ceremony took place the evening of October 17th at the Valhalla Inn and Suites in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Here we recognized and congratulated leaders in Canada’s bioeconomy for their…